Ben Affleck as the New Batman

So we all heard the news. Ben Affleck will play the new Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequal. Affleck is obviously getting a lot of heat about it. My problem is not so much with Affleck as much as it is about the break in continuity.

I am a huge Ben Affleck fan. I have followed him since his "Mallrats" days and his spew of Kevin Smith films. He didn't stand out to me as a major talent though, until he stepped into the Director's chair. His film "Gone Baby Gone" is one of my favorites and most brilliantly directed. Affleck excels when he is behind the camera. "Argo" is his masterpiece, his "Beautiful Mind". Now, Affleck joins the ranks of West, Kilmer, Bale and his good friend Clooney as Batman. Is this is a wise move? Affleck should be moving forward not backwards. Clooney was Batman long before he started directing amazing pieces like "Good Night and Good Luck".

Superhero roles are not new to Affleck. He has played Superman and Daredevil in the past. 

The two challenges I forsee in this film for Affleck is that he is not going to be behind the camera and his last superhero film flopped. Affleck as Daredevil was a huge mistake and the film was poorly written and directed. Daredevil didn't fit Affleck as much as Bruce Wayne will. Especially if the goal for this next Superman/Batman film is to have an older and wiser Wayne to mentor Henry Cavill's Superman character.

While I don't think that Affleck would make a great Batman, my major concern is the break of continuity in DC's attempt to build the Justice League on screen. After eight years of Christian Bale, it throws a monkey wrench in the story structure. Bale probably wanted out due to typecasting, but I'm sure they could have worked a new contract for a few more films. With Marvel's success at casting the perfect superheroes for the Avengers, DC keeps falling short. Ryan Reynolds couldn't cut it as Green Lantern, Brandon Routh couldn't hold together Superman Returns, and let's not discuss Catwoman.

I appreciate the attempt, but continuity is key to a successful Justice League film. Why? Here is my theory...Television. Yup, the key is television. We are living in a generation of amazing television characters who capture and maintain our attention season after season. Most of these shows are shot like short films each episode. Walking Dead anyone?
The continuity of television characters like Don Draper from Mad Men and Walter White from Breaking Bad have given the audience a chance to experience a character's life in full spectrum over time.

Film sequels must step up and do the same now. Otherwise they risk flopping at the box office. We as an audience are expecting to see the same actor, but a transformation in character. We cannot handle the same character constantly changing its actor. (James Bond is an exception because each new actor creates a new series of 007 films creating their own trilogys per say) It breaks continuity and makes us not care about the character or film. I believe Affleck will do a good job as Bruce Wayne, Im  not so sure as Batman. The success of this film is going to be in the script and the continuity of the characters already created in Man of Steel. They have to make Batman a side character in this new film and not a lead. If Batman is in the film as a side character it will give us time to adjust to Affleck, but if they throw him in as a lead I can almost guarantee a flop.

My other suggestion would be to let Affleck direct. There would be a major shift in the story, for the better.

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